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Easy ePacket focuses on ePacket shipping delivery from China. If you want to save on the cost of delivering packages, the best way is to send them through the ePacket provided by the national postal Service.

Preferential prices for small packages.
Enhance the competitiveness of e-commerce.
Free warehousing.

ePacket is a parcel transport service provided by China Post, which is suitable for small, lightweight packages. ePacket offers universal postal services with a very affordable price to everyone. With the development of the Internet, more and more enterprises are transporting goods via ePacket, and all shippers are fighting for their business. In short, the options offered by ePacket can benefit the enterprise, depending on the level of service required.

Postal services have improved the lives of many people. It has also developed everything from the communications, transportation and transportation industries to advanced and progressive to better serve you. For any of your postal needs, it may be commercial and personal, and easy ePacket can provide you with the right solutions and innovations.

Low Cost

Compared with other parcel shipping methods (such as EMS, DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, etc.), ePacket has an absolute price advantage. It is a approach can reduce costs and increase competitiveness.

Worldwide Delivery

ePacket can be delivered to customers in almost any country or region around the world, as long as there is a post office where it can be reached, greatly expanding the market space for international e-commerce sellers.

Easy To Use

ePacket is convenient for sending and receiving goods, and offers a uniform discount. it has no the first weight and continuous weight to calculate dimension, which greatly simplifying freight calculating and cost control.


Now the security of ePacket has improved, the loss rate of parcels has been reduced. During ePacket process , you can use the tracking tool to monitor where your parcel are. No doubt, it is a good and safety option.

About Easy ePacket

Easy ePacket is a professional supplier of small parcel transportation. We access the service network of major postal and courier companies, and we integrates the global Logistics network and realizes 24 hours of all-round tracking to ensure the package. So we can provide customers with safe and timely door-to-door logistics services. Our service network spans more than 200 countries and regions around the world, and we offer more than 2,000 flights for your e-commerce to make international logistics more efficient and convenient than ever before.

For e-commerce sellers, we provide a variety of international parcel solution like China Post, Hong kong Post, Singapore Post, USPS. These postal packages contain both surface and registered mail service, especially suitable for online sellers sending lightweight, smaller items. At present, many ALIEXPRESS and eBay sellers choose to achieve the fulfillment and transportation of orders through ePacket, providing their customers with free shipping. As a reliable and professional freight company, we is one of the basic steps to make the import and export business a success.

Why Choose Us?

Today, you will face a lot of things, all of which are important players in ensuring that not only the consignee, but also the shipping company is fully satisfied with the business. If you haven’t considered it yet, please explain why we are critical to your business. At some point, parcel shipping companies must be hired and all requirements met to make the transport a success. You need our services to ship the goods from one place to another. In the process of fulfilling your goods order, we are involved in making things easy.

Tailor-Made Logistics Solutions

Depending on your needs and the nature of the goods, there are different requirements for your parcel transportation. Therefore, our goal is to provide customized solutions to meet the diverse needs and save you time.


We can all provide a wide range of logistics services, including the processing of paperwork, the transportation of goods to the delivery of goods. We have trained professionals to provide door-to-door solutions for any type of shipment.

One-Stop Service

The diversity of our business satisfies you in the whole process. We have real-time trace and tracking functions, international transportation, warehousing and distribution, Other level two-level services. As your business expands, these may be helpful to your business progress.

Worry-Free Experience

In the age of e-commerce, you will find that having a company that can provide them with viable options enables them to maintain management control, reduce costs, and increase the efficiency of the supply chain.

How To Send Parcels Via ePacket Step-By-Step


If you are a new customer, please contact us or click the button below to create a new booking request. You have made your needs clear, and if not, you can consult us and we will provide professional solutions.


Send your goods to our warehouse, or we can contact your Chinese supplier to arrange a door pick up. Our warehouse offers two months of free warehouse service, as well as cargo consolidation and repackaging services.

Freight Calculate

Depending on the quantity, weight and size of your packaging, expand the required warehousing and there will be different shipping costs.

Shipping Internationally

Your goods will be shipped to your country by air mail. The goods arrive at their destination and will be cleared by the local postal service and you are required to pay customs duties (depending on your country). The post office arranges for delivery and will be delivered to your address soon.

Thank you for your service. You and your team continue to treat us; Competitive prices have brought us back.


Do you know how to use FAQs to solve your doubts? When you read and use this article, you will get the answer.


Q: Do you have a warehouse to store my package?

A: Yes, our warehouse has perfect facilities to protect and store your goods. You can store your goods according to your needs, which can be expanded to meet your diverse needs.


Q: Which countries do I send by ePacket?

A: At present, we can deliver to 45 countries, including USA, Canada, the UK and more countries through the Post Office Alliance network to view the full list.

A: Most of the goods you purchase to transport to your country are allowed to be imported. However, due to airline restrictions, some items you cannot send. To help you avoid any problems, please read our “No Shipping List”.

A: Packages sent through China post air mail and ePacket if it is not delivered successfully at the destination, it will be returned to our warehousing free of charge and the customer does not have to pay any refund fee.

A: In addition to ePacket/EMS/EUB/China Post Air Mail , we provide transportation by air freight, sea freight and Courier service.