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About Us

Established in 2015, Easy ePacket is a professional logistics solutions provider dedicated to providing global logistics and warehousing services to cross-border e-commerce in China. The company is located in Shenzhen, China, with warehouse area of 2000 square meters, mainly engaged in International express, warehousing, international air transport business.

Easy ePacket is committed to China’s parcel exports, provide professional international logistics services for e-commerce order fulfillment and transportation. Customer experience and quality of service are Easy ePacket long-term business objectives. At present, we provide air mail small bags, EUB, EMS and ePacket and other international small package service, but also to provide courier, sea, air freight services.

Our team is young and enthusiastic. Through strict system training, we have a wealth of logistics knowledge and logistics experience, team professional, serious, responsible service attitude can not only provide customers with safe logistics services, but also to achieve customized logistics solutions for customers.

Our logistics services have three objectives. First of all, we ensure the safe delivery of goods and freight modes, whether in storage or transportation. Second, we strive to ensure that the goods reach their destination within the desired time. Last, we provide the right freight service to help you put logistics costs. For any business, choosing our logistics costs may not be the lowest, but choosing us will be the most reassuring.

We are committed to becoming the preferred integrated logistics services and warehousing service provider for our customers, and whether your logistics needs are commercial or personal, Easy ePacket will achieve your expectations with exceptional service.