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Delivery Time: How Long Does ePacket Take When Shipping From China?

The time it takes to transport to a destination for ePacket depends on many factors. These factors can be the destination location, the transport service you choose and the Customs.

In China, if you ordered from a Chinese supplier, you can expect the goods to arrive USA via China Post ePacket(Air Mail) within 7 to 15 business days. In fact, international transport takes more time, especially when sourcing from Chinese companies or other countries.

You may need to wait up to three weeks of parcels through destination customs, and you can expect shipping charges to be more because you will be responsible for taxes, customs duties and exchange rates.

Here’s the time it takes to deliver from China to other countries using ePacket .

(1)Take 5-10 days to China neighbouring countries.
(2) Take 7-15 days to major countries in Europe and America.
(3)To other regions and countries will take 7-30 days.

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