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How To Order Our Service?

Ordering ePacket services through online shipping seems like a very simple task. We all accept order delivery and online transfers, and more and more people are using our services. 1. Determine your shipping needs, how many packages do you need to transport? 2. Select your destination and parcel service. 3 Fill out this form and you will be able to order shipping orders.

Unlike surface mail, ePacket shipment can be tracked, and you can track your cargo in a number of ways, as long as you have waybill.

Size weight, also known as dimension weight or volume weight, is calculated as the length x Width x Height of the package, divided by 5,000 (cm) measurements.

International carriers use the larger of the actual weight or size weight to calculate shipping costs.

In many cases, when calculating the cost, we compare the actual weight of the package with the size weight. The larger of the two is the chargeable weight that the carrier will use to calculate shipping costs.

Currently, the chargeable weight pattern of the ePacket package is the actual weight of the package rather than the volume weight.

We accept a variety of payment methods: ALIPAY, PayPal, T/T, Western Union.

The transit time depends on the type of service you choose. It may be from 5 days to no more than 20 days, depending on the country you are sending.

Typically, documents arrive faster than goods parc

The following things can lead to clearance and delivery delays: the wrong address, phone number, zip code, recipient name. As well, recipients do not provide the relevant customs clearance documents and refuse to pay the import tax, which can also lead to delays.

There is no remote fee surcharge for ePacket package.

The transport environment for each package is different, and it is possible that in this shipment your package will be pressed under the other packages with the greatest force, and in the next package is placed on top of the other packages.

Each transportation is unpredictable, so we recommend that you make full use of the strong packaging material and the right packaging method to ensure maximum safety of the package.

What is the maximum weight and size limit for the package? View the size and weight limits of the ePacket package.