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Partners of ePacket Network

We work with major postal companies to access their vast transport networks. The new direct and efficient routes introduced by easy ePacket include postal transport routes from China to around the world.

We can provide a more comprehensive range of services to provide better quality while reducing costs. In addition, by expanding our business network, we can also expand the group of partner companies. In general, the more services there are, the more options customers have.

China Post

China Post Group provides courier services, involving delivery in China and logistics and international shipping, is the earliest supplier of courier services in China, and is currently the largest operator and leader in China’s courier industry. The company has more than 20,000 employees, EMS business access to more than 200 countries and regions around the world and nearly 2,000 cities in China.

Since the opening of China Post logistics business in 1980, the volume of business has been increasing year by year, the variety of business is constantly enriched and the quality of service is constantly improving. It also provides high-end services such as next-day delivery and time-limited delivery.

China Post had built the premier air and land transport network. Relying on China Post airlines, Shanghai serve as a distribution center of the all-night air distribution network The network system of China Post achieve seamless deliver covering more than 300 cities in China.


United State Postal Service is an independent U.S. government agency, formerly the U.S. Postal Service, which changed to USPS in 1971. The company is responsible for postal services throughout the United States, its business scope of mail investment, parcel transmission, cargo transport, postal services and a series of business, and can provide online services. USPS delivers 200 billion emails a year.

Deutsche Post Group

Germany’s National Post Office, is a leading logistics company in the European region. The group includes DHL, Deutsche Post, Postal Bank, British Transport logistics four famous brands, it is the leading logistics company in Europe.

Canada Post

Canada Post Corporation (CPC) was The established in 1981, which marks the delivery of Canada Post from government departments to can deliver mail and package throughout Canada.

Singapore Post

Singapore Post provides logistics services, and they carry out a global postal small package business service, which includes Singapore Post International Packet Registration, Singapore Post International flat mail. Small parcel of Singapore Pos is also set up for small items of air mail products, which can be sent to various postal outlets around the world. As a professional multinational e-commerce logistics provider for e-commerce sellers, easy ePacket provide comprehensive service, reasonable price for small parcel.