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Have you ever tried to send something that was only finally frustrating because it was restricted from import and transportation? For transport safety, it is necessary to limit some items; You may want to know the limits of ePacket. In this article, I’ll cover in detail what is restricted in weight and size.

If you use ePacket to send items, you must check the ePacket’s shipment restriction and size restriction so as not to cause any inconvenience. Knowing these rules is also important for business and individuals. You can learn from news, online websites, TV or radio. Or consult your carriers and you can talk about the latest rules.

The restriction of goods is the rule of postal disclosure. Many times, this is in the customer need to know before shipping, they can avoid being unable to transport leading to import failure.

We know that ePacket is a service specially designed for small parcels, which obviously limits the weight and volume of the items sent: the weight is within 2 kilograms, the sum of the length and width of the outer packaging is less than 90 cm, and the longest edge is less than 60 cm, and the small parcel sent abroad through the Postal Air Mail Service.

Postal restrictions refer to the rules promulgated by IATA, which restrict and prohibit the transport of items by air, and they cannot be transported by postal service. According to national laws, customs prohibited items, etc., the international small package restricts the collection of items such as pure batteries, mobile power supplies, knives, flammable solids, pure liquids, dangerous goods and other contraband, as well as embargoed goods and exporting countries, transit places, importing countries and other customs restrictions, laws prohibit the mailing of goods.

For air transport, it is best to comply with it rather than hide the restricted items, in accordance with rules and restrictions. Not only can it save you time and effort, but it can also dispense with any inconvenience to others, after all, these rules are for everyone’s safety.

It was important to consider some of the matters set out by ePacket in respect of its services. You must keep in mind that not all packages can be passed through this.