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Terms of Service

In order to ensure that you and our rights and interests are protected by law, the terms of service, policies, and other terms will have legal effect.

If the user has any questions about our terms, we are happy to assist they. By accessing and using the ePacket website, you agree to the following terms.

You will not be allowed to use this website if you do not agree to the following terms.
1. User Agreement Updates
User agreements may be updated at any time based on updates to our website. The updated user agreement will take effect after publication. If the user continues to use our services, you agree to our agreement. We reserve changes to all agreements, terms and promotions, whether at any time and whether or not to give notice.
2. Privacy Statement
In accordance with our privacy policy, the user agrees that the personal data we may and can collect, own and use the user is limited to our purposes and cannot be transferred or publicly granted to third parties.

We have the responsibility and obligation to protect and safeguard the information security of our users and to be considered a top priority in maintaining our good service.
3. Scope Of Services
We offer global shipping, parcel warehousing and cross-border transportation services.
• Parcel Warehousing: Customers can shop in different suppliers and send parcels to our warehouses.
• Parcel information: The warehouse will receive the your package and provide basic information about the package.
• International transportation: The user can send the warehouse package submission waybill to the user’s designated location.
• Level Two service: we provides different customization services, such as: inspection of parcels, unpacking, waterproof reinforcement and so on.
• Warranty Services: We promise to make compensation if the package is lost or damaged in transit.
4. Payment
We support the following payment methods:
• PayPal
• T/T Bank Transfer
• Western Allianz
6. Warehousing
We provide warehousing services to allow users to store parcels in our warehouses. Our warehouse has 24-hour security monitoring, fire prevention measures and pest prevention equipment to ensure that your package is safe.
• Each package will enjoy free warehousing services for up to 60 days.
• After the storage period has been exceeded, the package will be removed from the warehouse and can no longer be claimed.
• Users are not allowed to store explosive properties, corrosive goods and animals.
• High value cargo are recommended to avoid long-term storage in warehouses.
7.Copyright Disclaimer
The contents of all ePacket pages are owned by us. You may browse, copy, print, and disseminate the contents of this web page for non-commercial purposes only for your personal purposes, but you must maintain the integrity of all copyrights and other proprietary logos. Copies of the contents of ePacket must include the copyright identification of ePacket.
8. Error and Inaccuracy
We reserve the right to change, update and delete any errors and inaccuracies on the text and pictures on our website. When we provide the weight and size of the goods to the user, they may contain errors caused by some technology.

9.links to other websites
Easy ePacket does not assume any responsibility for users to view other websites through links to this platform. When users enter other websites, they have fully understood that these sites are not related to Easy ePacket, and they is not control of us.

Links to other websites do not imply that we endorse or assume responsibility for the content or use of other websites. Users should be careful to view other websites to protect themselves from viruses or other destructive programs.
10. Message
We thank user for their feedback and comments and see them as our assets. We reserve the right to make comments in the release, deletion, and preservation.
11. Termination of services
We reserve the right to cancel users’ use of our website when we find that the user has committed any fraudulent, abusive and illegal acts.